All the time I thought there's only me, crazy in a way that no one else could be
I would've given everything I owned if someone would've said, you're not alone

All the Time – Barry Manilow, Martin Panzer



Welcome to I Write the Songs, the only TFL approved fanlisting for one of my favorite entertainers, Barry Manilow. I chose this name for the fanlisting for two reasons: first, because he does write the songs, so many of which we all know and love; and secondly, because even though he's not the author of I Write the Songs, he is the one most associated with it. Why? Because of his beautiful rendition of it; ask anyone who has been to one of his concerts... this song is the one they wait for. I know... because I was there at one of his amazing concerts. And when I heard the first chords, I turned to my mom with so much excitement in my voice and said "I write the songs." She looked at me like I was crazy because she had no idea what I was talking about, but never fear, by the end of the evening another fan was born. That is the magic of Barry Manilow.

So what is a fanlisting? It's simply a site that lists people from all over the world who share one thing in common: their love and support for a particular actor, actress, movie, song, tv episode, etc. The only requirements to become a member are your name and country. So take a few minutes to have a look around and if you too are a fan of Barry Manilow, please join us!

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